Riva group contributes to various


Established by the founders, RIVA Foundation drive social innovation and transformation in various fields including education, health, environment and enterprise development.


To sponsor educational, vocational and sports facilities in rural and undeveloped areas To sponsor institutions for welfare and relief of the disabled, aged, orphans, widows, etc. To sponsor charitable hospitals, dispensaries and health centers for the under privileged Relief and rehabilitation work in times of natural calamities, human tragedies, etc. Support and contribute to conservation for endangered species.

Current Project

Currently the trust with the support of Riva Group and individual volunteers is working on establishing a School for Blind in the state of Punjab, India.

50MW Solar Energy Plant to provide electrification to a village in Uttar Pradesh.

Volunteer Program
You can also be a part of this program by buying products like T-Shirt and Mugs with a printed logo of Riva or directly by donating online.

Kindly send mail to social@rivaonlineworld.com if you want to make any contribution to the foundation directly.